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Towards a Higher Resonance

I have long been a fan of the ancient Egyptians and their cultivation of elevated atmospheric conditions. They used aromatics and sound to facilitate access to realms of higher vibration, for healing and other purposes, which realms were known to have a very definite effect on their present moment. This present moment here now is the same insofar as the universal laws that govern remain immutable. With knowledge these laws can potentially be used to bring one into a higher resonance – harmonious resonance - with the All of which we are all apart.

I love high spaces. The law of periodicity or rhythm, however you want to call it, makes sure that one does not remain in a high space in the natural course of events. The pendulum will swing towards its polar opposite as sure as rain and sun or a sugar crash. But there are different planes of existence, you might notice if you pay attention. Each with their own vibrational level. It is possible, if you happen to be adept, to change one’s vibrational resonance. It is also possible to use another law – that of polarity – to polarize toward a positive effect. It is like being on a raised bridge, letting the results of the negative swing go by as one remains above it, anchored in a different plane. One must have real Will to do this. And real Will does not come easily. It costs you your life as you know it. (What a bargain – I’ll take it!)

This is tricky business. The hunger and addiction to a higher state, or desire – lust for results – will wreak havoc of good intentions. Here is the principle of polarization at play again – and I’m not making these up – Hermes Trismegistus, the alleged originator of Hermetic ideas, (As above, so below), laid these principles out in text long ago. I mention only a couple of them here as I understand them from the brilliant little book called The Kybalion.

The law of polarization embodies the truth that in the created world of duality everything has its polar opposite. As such things of one classification, though diametrically opposed, are essentially the same, only different in degree. Even in the matters of mind or feeling these laws play out. Fear and Courage, for example are but two polarities of one thing. Your reality can be dependent upon the immutable swing of the great pendulum, which periodicity will provoke, unless you know how to change your vibration and polarize effectively with the use of real Will.

To develop real Will we must know ourselves deeply, which means giving up, through exposure, what has been conditioned into us – the cage of our name and fame. Many of the desires that we have used to define ourselves have been conditioned through traumas and the constant bombardment of input we are subject to from our first breath. Who are you at your most essential? How can you begin to address this question without the Will to pursue it?

Seriously pursuing this may bring one to a teacher or guru, a fount of Will toward the higher from which one may borrow. One may then tap into something that is too big and elusive to be restricted to a singular form. In this way one learns to grow outside of the cage of one’s own identity, or anyone else’s for that matter. Free of conditioned desire, it becomes possible to begin to learn something about the application of real Will. This can only develop in accordance with a growing conscience toward the All, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, commonly referred to as the greater good.

Engineers have not yet been able to figure out how the Pyramids were constructed. To think that they were all used as tombs is an absurdity. There seems to be plenty of evidence pointing to a degree of intelligence and mastery of laws at play here that we in our present state can’t really fathom. One theory that appeals to my own intelligence, such as it is, is that the pyramids and related sites were used as great generators or reservoirs of a particular form of energy that may have been electrical in nature.

They were great cultivators of refined energy. The quality of energy thought to have been generated was of a higher plane of vibration which promoted harmony and inclination toward the greater good. According to what has been passed down of their wisdom, at one time developed humans worked with 365 senses, as compared to our paltry five, or six. I marvel over the possibility of existing with others in a society of this nature, where the development of subtle energy channels is in the fabric of the shared reality.

I don’t know that it really was like this way back then, though the more I delve into the subject of pre-dynastic Egypt especially, the likelier it appears to be. I don’t have full memory of that time, but there have been vivid flashes of ancient Egyptian memories, I daresay.

However, I do have a lot of practical understanding about the use of essential oils and the cultivation of elevated atmospheres. And how beneficial they are in learning about such subtle and difficult things as the development of real Will.

There are practical measures we can take if we don’t happen to have a massive generator of good vibes in our immediate vicinity and yet want to start learning how to apply the laws of living, consciously, as opposed to being swung to and fro by the swing of the pendulum. We can use essential oils and aromatics to invoke the law of correspondence – again, as above, so below – in the creation of resonance toward a desired polarized event. They can help us remember our intentions and enable us to make these potent and lasting. They can be used to purify so that we might be receptive to the guidance that will bring us greater awareness of our path and our work for the benefit of the greater good. They can help us dispel bad habits by creating magical conditions which invite the presence of healing radiations. They raise vibrational levels of one’s own personal space. They smell good.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good smell to one’s personal atmosphere. The ancient Egyptians, those who were able, evidently bathed after each meal and considered perfume to be an important aspect of cleansing. Sometimes we are so impacted with dense vibrational energy as a result of our choices that intervention is called for – if the aim is one of growing soul. Designer commercial perfumes will not do the trick. These are more apt to further encrust us with the very conditioning we seek to exfoliate. Pure essential oils, properly blended, can break through the density and bring one to a new

alignment, rendering us better able to make choices in the direction of our real evolutionary aims.

You see, it is not just perfume making that we’re talking about here. The art of crafting an atmosphere is one of great responsibility. Essential oils are potent vehicles for transmitting subtle communications, for creating a medium by means of which new resonant possibilities can be realized.

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