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Healing Fragmentation to Wholeness

Healing is a movement of return to wholeness from fragmentation. Dis-ease is part of our fragmentation – part of the realm of accident as it is sometimes called, the realm where universal laws are such that there is ample room for accident to take place. There is much more to be said of that. For the moment let us simply say that the realm of pure destiny, of fulfillment of our essential being potential, does not exist at the same level as accident. To live and act from the place of essential core being requires we heal ourselves away from the fragmentation. We use the stepping stones of disease and misfortune to make our way to wholeness.

There are tools to help create conditions empowering to the healing process by making it completely voluntary, through the engagement of our own inherent powers of attention, presence, and ultimately, will. These true powers reflect the spiritual, most essential aspect of our being. The methodology, which is customized to your specific situation, enhancing ongoing remedial measures, enables a deeper engagement of the healing process. This work can complement any modality of “medicine”. It calls for the removal of our conditioned obstructions to healing. In our most essential state, wholeness is what is. But we must understand that from our present state of fragmentation, wholeness is not going to conform to what we imagine it to be.

Acceptance is key to any endeavor of this nature; we must first accept the disease such as we experience it. Then we can possibly see and accept the obstacles within us to the healing process.

We like to think we are at the ready to heal when imbalance is brought to our awareness. But impartial self-observation can reveal we are a multiplicity, a conglomerate. Our multiplicity creates great conditions for our obstructions to remain hidden from us. They can be rooted not only in our “psychology” but in the very impulse to create identity. The creative impulse is deeply inherent in our nature, it reflects the creative force behind all existence. This impulse, consciously used, can create greatness. Our conditioning to create identity rather than presence has come with a price. This impulse to create identity over presence is well supported by the collective consciousness and the societal structures which have been built. Name, rank, and social security number – and fame. This love of identification is a veiled and conditioned movement away from the original impulse to make presence – to simply be.

The unwanted gifts of illness, misfortune, imbalance and dissatisfaction have the potential to pull us away from the narrow, conditioned bandwidth of who or what we thought we were. We are given the need to learn how to self-know. There is an opening for the experience of humility, a prerequisite to self-knowledge.

An active state of receptivity can stop the world and allow presence. To be able to produce such a state voluntarily is a real power. To journey with intention changes everything. Conscious and voluntary response to something of the realm of accident offers up new force to be used toward wholeness, our essential self destiny, a new resonance. We can receive help of a different kind. This help will not conform to our linear views and desires. It is of the spirit. Impossible to point to, but Rumi called it the help of the Friend. The Friend neither tortures you nor tends to your wishes, that one just keeps you moving.

Let’s talk about our multiplicity. Systems have been developed to articulate the situation we find ourselves in. All systems and traditions are a lens through which to see. In the Fourth Way there is a perspective that the human biological machine has not one but three brains. The head brain, the moving instinctive or tail brain, and the heart. These centers have the potential of operating at a much higher, integral level than what is ordinary. Such as we are, our functioning with these three brains is not naturally conducive to our evolution. The alchemical factory does not operate in the way it should in order to produce the substances and effects necessary for a higher order of operation. The necessary conditions to higher functioning have to be intentionally cultivated to mitigate the effects of modern life.

The three brains or centers operate independently of one another, each with its own language and agenda, and do not have an open line of communication with one another. So many self-help movements have been developed out of the need to be cohesive in decisions that affect the whole. Our bodies may be starving for some nutrient or another, but because the psycho-emotional (pseudo-emotional, largely mind based) part of us needs ice cream to keep ourselves from uncovering trauma response, we fail to give the body what it needs. Or vice versa – an ice cream cone at the right conscious moment can help create a new pathway away from our trauma-based default patterning. But our mind body relationship is caught up in carbs and keto, the latest conditioning trend, to the exclusion of the heart signaling, so we fail to use the opportunity of the moment. Do you see here how this state of affairs may produce obstructions on the path of healing? How it produces the need to heal to begin with?

The process of evolution is a reductive one. We transcend by eliminating our identification with what is conditioned and inauthentic about us. Our essential being is thus exposed, and given the opportunity to develop. Our functioning gradually becomes more integral.

When we move and act as a harmony of heart, mind, and body the effect on our healing activity changes along with our resonance. Our state of being attracts new experiences that are more aligned to our evolution and essential self destiny. This is not to say that disease and difficulty is necessarily cleared – though one who reaches a very evolved state of spirit dominance has healing power. But it does create a different relationship to disease, the realm of accident, and the possibility of healing.

Part of my work is to help others change their relationship to the healing process. My approach involves creating personal atmospheric conditions that are conducive to integral activity of intention. My view is that self-healing would be inevitable if we could access the reality of our spiritual dominion. Conditions of living on the planet encourage our state of fragmentation, but these conditions can actually serve the aim of spiritual dominion with the proper tools and perspective. The various healing modalities, with their science, are mediums through which healing – which is of the essence – can be realized. I will often recommend a given pathway, such as acupuncture, to treat an imbalance as it is manifesting in the individual at the moment. By sitting in the full presence of voluntary healing, having done the work of awareness and gradual elimination of obstructions to healing, that treatment becomes much more effective. When you get hold of the reigns, you can fully engage your own power to heal consciously, to greater effect.

First, we clear the palette and make way for a new set of possibilities. We engage in an exploration of the imbalance, and how it is expressed through your centers. In this process we will uncover obstructions to healing. These manifest as beliefs and coping habits most often formed around trauma. There are specific tools for this kind of self-revelation that can bypass the habit of creating identity from the story. We must first embrace what is, how we got there – acknowledge the coping choices made – but then they are released so that we open up to a deeper calling.

We create optimal personal atmospheric conditions for this work with the use of herbs, essential oils, and tools of inquiry that clarify and unify one towards healing at all levels. Allays for your healing will be created in the form of plant alchemy preparations. Apart from plant alchemy, my areas of serious study extend out into fine art, theater, flamenco dance, and very specialized movement techniques. I prescribe movement and sometimes theatrical exercises as well as plant remedies and nutritional supplements to treat the imbalances I see prevalent in an individual situation. We work together – in effect I work with you as a coach - this approach leans a little into shamanism and activity related to accessing the realm of spirit as it is within oneself.

The plant remedies are potent and can serve to alleviate conditions associated with various forms of dis-ease. These combine with recommendations of lifestyle changes and new forms of intentional practical ritual that help to reset away from the default modes supportive of imbalance and dis-ease. These tools have been gathered through hands on experience in helping others, education, and intense, guided inner work. There is no end to learning. But this work has brought me from an extreme and fragmented place of being imposed at an early stage of life to a place of integral functioning.

Healing to the ultimate place of wholeness is lifelong, and the genuine results of this work extend beyond the voyage into physicality we call life. Imbalance is an invitation to move into wholeness. In the most conscious moments of living, we can catch glimpses of the majesty behind creation – and the force of Love that animates it. As it is said, return is the movement, and yielding is the way. If what you read here resonates, contact me for an initial consultation. Time can be of the essence – that is to say, you can choose to use time to return to the wholeness of essence, and the fulfillment of its mission.

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