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Egyptian Grace- Menu of Supernaturals

 Menu of Supernaturals

Essential Grace
Bee Grace
Oil of Aaru

Essential Grace:

A wondrous cream made of highly nutritive oils like Argan, Borage, Apricot Kernel, and Pomegranate, Hydrosols of Neroli, Rose, and Sandalwood, and essential oils of Frankincense, Sandalwood, and Rose to name a few. Chock Full and very rich. 



Bee Grace:

An anhydrous cream with everything the bee makes that’s good for you. Beeswax, raw honey, propolis, royal jelly, and soothing oils like Jojoba, Meadowfoam, Baobab, Argan and Olive.




Anointing Face Oil of Aaru (Heaven):

Incredible face oil – really!!! Prickly Pear is a miracle of an oil, and it is combined with Baobab, Rose Hip Seed, Olive Squalene, essential oils of Frankincense, Sandalwood, Labdanum and Vanilla. 



Essential Toner:

A toner that is hydrating with Hydrosols of Sandalwood, Rose, and Neroli, Argan, Pomegranate, Jojoba and Vitamin E in very small amounts, just enough to give a dewy finish to the face with essential oils of Sandalwood, Rose, Lavender, and Geranium. 

Face salt
Oil Scrub
Gentle Clarity Oil Cleanser

Purifying Grace Face Salt:

An amazing thing to do and see – fill a clean basin with hot water, put a teaspoon or more of this mixture in and splash the face no less than thirty times before washing. It smells divine, and is a wonderful way to start the day. It activates the skin’s own purification and gets you ready for the next step. 


Gentle Clarity Cleanser:

A most unique and highly effective cleanser that cleans to radiance but without stripping. It utilizes the wondrous properties of Vegetable Glycerin, Apple Cider Vinegar and Aloe and you can feel it! Skin feels pure, clean, soft and supple. 

Gentle Clarity Oil Cleanser:

An effective blend of oils that can be used to cleanse the skin. With Hazelnut, Camellia, Castor, and Vitamin E oils. Apply on the skin, then use a hot washcloth to compress, creating steam, then wipe off. 




Gentle Clarity Oil Scrub Cleanser:

Gentle but effective exfoliation using the same formula of oils with the addition of Blueberry Seeds, Sandalwood Powder, and Rose Petal Powder.


Essential Oil Perfumes: 

Delightful personal atmosphere makers with pure essences immersed in jojoba oil. 

Custom Blended Perfume

To have a personal custom blended perfume is like having a powerful ally. With your own perfume blended you activate your personal power to transform, to better align yourself energetically, to work with your attention and intention in new and effective ways.


If you would like more information about a custom blend just for you, click the link below. 

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**The statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. If a condition persists, please contact your physician or health care provider. The information provided by this website or this company is not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with a health care provider, and should not be construed as individual medical advice. Use caution when using essential oils, and do not use essential oils on pregnant women, infants, young children, or animals.

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