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I am not Egyptian by birth, but I am Grace. I like the ancient Egyptian approach to perfumery and essential oils. They did things in life that reflected awareness of an afterlife. Cultivating knowledge of how fragrance formed a bridge into the other world, they used perfumes and incenses to help navigate in the inner and nether regions.

I like making things people enjoy having and using. I have made perfumes and creams for people over the course of three decades now. I make personal care products that reflect my conscious awareness of embodiment and the transient nature of this state.

Egyptian Grace is about embodiment, and it is about transcendence. We have bodies that need to be nourished and protected. The pleasure of fragrance and potent healing power of pure natural ingredients can be used to nurture what is essential in us. This is what I am interested in doing.




















High quality, pure, and effective ingredients are alchemized to create products to help you be your best. No promises of instant beauty – this is not about cutting edge skin care. What I do goes deeper. I make unguents, perfumes, creams, and potions that help you align with your physical and energetic reality. When you do that really, radiance is the natural result. Being of star dust type material, we literally are slowed down light. If you live right, that shows.

Egyptian Grace is for people who are tired of hype and surface, who crave real. Down to earth, yes, but with awareness of a transcendent real that is of an essential nature. It is important to me that each product is made with high quality attention to detail. Detail that includes energetic awareness, which from my perspective is foundational. Good ingredients, small batches, big love.

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