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Blended Perfumes

The Egyptians prized their perfumes. They used tallow infused with fragrances and shaped into a cone that was placed on top of the head at festivities. The unguent would melt and anoint the skin with glorious fragrance – the unguent providing a protective emollient barrier against the heat of the sun. The priests who made these perfumes led very clean dedicated lives in order that they may be clear and precise in the making of these precious commodities.


Perfumes were as magical agents that enabled access to the regions of the afterlife. The pharaohs were doused in incenses and perfumes often throughout their public appearances in order to maintain the appropriate atmosphere of god-like embodiment. One’s personal atmosphere was a very important matter. It is said that when thieves robbed the ancient Egyptian tombs they went straight for the alabaster jars containing the potent perfumed unguents as they knew these were agents of magical power.

Egyptian Grace Perfumes

Pure Essential Oil Based Blends

The term Essential Oils is often used broadly, to include the pure botanical distillations of plant matter or resins either alone or diluted in alcohol or carrier oil, and the fragrance oils that are in fact synthesized aroma chemical compounds. Without getting into a discussion of these, I will say that I work with all of these fragrance materials in blending my perfumes, particularly the custom blended perfumes. However, the following perfumes are made strictly with the plant and resin matter based distillations and extractions. 

Amber Crystal 

A warm, balsamic, and sultry blend with tones of Vanilla, Copaiba Balsam, Amyris. It is given heart with the presence of Somalian Frankincense and Jasmine Grandiflora. Wearing this feels nurturing and protective. 

Amber Light

Some of the same ingredients as Amber Crystal are used, but Amber Light is taken into a different direction with the presence of both Lavender and Lavender Absolute. The heart tone here is a combination of Jasmine Grandiflora with Indian Frankincense. The result is a more buoyant Amber fragrance.

Clear Skies 

A bright and uplifting blend that imparts freshness and warmth all at once. Lemon and Blood Orange are top notes that readily ease you into the heart tones that are rich and varied with Frankincense, and two types of Jasmine. The presence of Clary Sage brings about a mildly euphoric feeling that is tempered by the warm balsamic note of Peru Balsam blended with honey like Benzoin. 

Deep Urth

 Just like the name says, made to ground you with deep rich tones of Labdanum, Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood, and Patchouli which are given lovely play with the presence of Ylang Ylang, Bergamot and Blood Orange.

Egyptian Grace Perfume


Delicious, in a word. A truly energetic blend that is found to inspire the wearer. Ginger and Tonka Bean make an unusual statement when added to the heart accord of Ylang Ylang, Rose, and Jasmine. All of this is grounded by the presence of Amyris and Indian Frankincense. 


A royal blend, truly. A complex blend of 23 different ingredients that include Cognac, Star Anis, Davana, Hay, and Jasmine Sambac. Both men and women can wear this blend and it is intended to bring out the true majesty in each. 

Ra Nectar

A tribute to Ra, the God of the Sun. This is a clear fragrance that is rich at the same time. Tonka Bean, Blood Orange, Labdanum, Vanilla, and Jasmine Grandiflora are brought together with a few other ingredients to create a warm and soulful experience.

Sun Rose.jpg

Sun Rose

Divinity expressed. This fragrance is an exquisite and delicate play between Lemon, Rose, and Vanilla that is added to and expanded upon with the presence of Sandalwood and Somalian Frankincense, Jasmine and Blood Orange. A favorite of many.

Water Balsam:

 An herbaceous calling to temper the spirit with the soothing offerings of Juniper, Copaiba Balsam, Amyris, Cedar Wood, Labdanum, Oak Moss, and Vetiver. Coriander and Frankincense give just enough warmth and fresh spearmint invites us with its freshness.


To have a personal custom blended perfume is like having a powerful ally. With your own perfume blended you activate your personal power to transform, to better align yourself energetically, to work with your attention and intention in new and effective ways.


If you would like more information about a custom blend just for you, click the link below. 

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