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Tools of Elevation

In my last blog post I spoke a little bit about the use of essential oils and aromatics in the development of real Will, which is a big subject of great subtlety. Let me express this in simpler terms. Energetically speaking, to change a mental/feeling state one must change one’s vibration. Will is necessary in order to consciously affect this. If you want something different to happen to you, you must become something different (by resonance) and this process largely has to do with the body/mind relationship. Habits can be changed, but they are changed only by replacement – one replaces another. We can use the theater of the body/mind to “As If”, that is, produce as convincingly as possible the set of sensations and feelings one will have with the attainment of a goal. This is done to the effect of eliminating the lust for results one might experience. One has “As If” already attained the state desired. This is a big part of effective manifestation magic.

As I see it, there are two major stages to the development of this kind of effect. One is the elimination of obstacles, conscious or subconscious, that would keep our desired goal or state of being from its manifestation. These include conditioned responses and views of how things work – our belief and disbelief. In a child, belief is malleable, and if we lived in a world that did not condition us otherwise, it would be malleable in adults too. It would be useful to have belief work for us instead of against.

From The Kybalion:

“To destroy an undesirable rate of mental vibration, put into operation the principle of Polarity and concentrate upon the opposite pole to that which you desire to suppress. Kill out the undesirable by changing its polarity.”

Of course, this takes a great deal of trained skill and Will and practice and intelligence and practice, and did I mention practice? But here we are at the second of the two mentioned stages: producing a convincing experience of “As If”. One could potentially take the experience of Fear and, with intelligence, move it into a vibrational realm of resonance where Courage is realized. In this case Courage would be the polarized concentration point.

This requires that we engage the whole of our being. This can mean integrating parts of us that normally function in a dissociated manner. The more of us present behind our intentions, the more powerful and effective is our intention setting. And this is where aromatics, perfumes and other tools and technologies can be helpful. In some cultures much of the bell ringing, incensing, chanting, and the like is done for precisely the purpose of elevating the vibrational plane and thus helping one be where one is naturally more integrated.

There are many tools available for us to reprogram our reality structures and produce the quality of inner theater we need in order to heal and thrive. The ancient Egyptians used sound, for example, as a means of both diagnosis and removal of obstructions that produce a state of imbalance and ill health. They also used aromatics to great effect. On the walls of ancient temples, in Philae, for example, are recipes for perfumes that were used as part of cleansing and ritual. Their focus on the afterlife was apparent and gave them the insight that unresolved trauma in life would affect the life/death voyage. They used perfume as a tool for the purification of these hooks.

We are producing realities of our expectation all the time. The cultural mold has been produced through the use of our power of suggestion and belief toward a collective vision of what reality is and how we function in it. One article I read recently was spot on when saying that the cultural paradigm of this time is that of making the maximum amount of income profit for the least amount of energy expenditure. This is the way society and its collective members organize themselves and structure their lives. There is no real measurement or consideration of pure living or wellbeing in this way of organizing society. If you examine all the world’s woes from global warming to the insanity of immigration laws you will find that they meet precisely at the point of this paradigm. This has influenced what we do, how we spend our lives, how we view reality. But it ain't necessarily so - it is a structure. Change is possible and needed.

I am keen on helping to create a new paradigm, perhaps one individual at a time, because the truth is we are all responsible to the degree that we are conscious. It all starts at home. My teacher used aromatics and other tools as a means of running interference with my self sabotaging habits. One result of my journey has been a big shift away from wanting the things of the old paradigm world and wishing more for the skills and strengths that might enable me to play a bigger, unselfish game.

We start where we are. We all have a personal atmosphere which reflects our tendencies and habits. A creative person and a pregnant woman will often emit a similar scent from their skin. We have a natural signature scent that may change with our chemistry as we live our lives. When we apply a commercial perfume we will, by virtue of our own chemistry, “individuate” it. But by the magical act of applying such a perfume one takes on a mass production vibe. (Not to mention some of the chemicals that are used for stabilization and preservation.) You are in effect inviting more of the herd instinct to present itself into your life. You can’t gain self-knowledge needed to play a bigger game when immersed in the herd instinct.

If you have aims and aspirations of a more conscious and individual nature, a custom perfume can be a tremendous ally as it will be infused with your pure intention. There is a subtle yet substantive truth to this. If you are not yet familiar with the water experiments of Dr. Masaru Emoto Haro, do familiarize yourself. They give good insight into the possibility of infusing a medium with intent.

A skilled perfumer will respect the energetic aspects of this art form and the potency of essential oils as carriers of subtle energy. A consciously made perfume will reflect and concentrate your aspirations, like an arrow pointing to the desired goal. Further, it will help your vibrational alignment toward an integral way of life.

You will note here the questions I ask the person for whom I am blending:

They are intended to find out about you, as well as to help you hone in on your own goals and intentions. For some it is strictly a fun process from which one walks away with a fragrance that feels good to wear. That’s fine, but there are other possibilities. Once you have a personal blend, there are ways of working with it that can be individualized. Depending upon your needs I can suggest tools that will help you more effectively use your blend as a reminding factor and protective ally of your goals. Remember, to affect conscious change we need to engage ourselves holistically. Ritual is useful in that it can engage the body, mind and feelings. Practices like meditation can give one the ability to both know oneself and give skill at stilling the mind, a prerequisite for developing its full potential. Below you will find a list of other tools I have found to be effective, and that I recommend. Next blog post I will talk about the actual custom blend process. - These are amulets and beacons that use radio crystal technology as an effective means of helping one achieve more focused states of being. - A series of orbs that are run as video games which enable you to tackle issues head on in the spirit of gaming. They engage the player in an effective way to the end of handling what might otherwise seem daunting. The model of the thing can become the thing itself and many have found that by running these orbs and focusing the attention in a way that bypasses the hook of the story, real change can take place. They are an excellent way of using the theater of the mind toward a goal.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – Just look this one up – there is too much out there on the subject and I do not have any one online recommendation at this time. I do have a “tapping script” and excellent preliminary questions to help streamline the focus, available upon request.

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