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Perfumes of Authenticity

What happens during a perfume custom blending session? Each session is as unique as the person for whom the composition is being crafted. The thing about individuality is that the more deeply we self know, the closer we get to universality. The one thing we all bear in common is our own individuality. To get to the essence of what this means is a journey worthy of a lifetime. A perfume made for you can be a powerful ally along the way.

There are questions asked of my clients even before getting into the session space These questions are designed to prepare both of us for our work together. My aim is to give a product that is resonant, attuned to where you are and the journey toward embodying who you are at the most essential. I believe authenticity embodied by the collective on an individual basis can help this troubled world.

I have witnessed the profound effects of essential oils on a medicinal level, that is to say, in the realm of aromatherapy as it is commonly known. The effects of atmospheric alterations speak even more to my experience. I am most interested in altering personal or group atmospheres to affect conditions conducive to a conscious aim.

In our blending work I aim to share an authentic space, whether we do this long distance or in person. The closer we can get to authenticity, the more potent will be the perfume’s effect. Our work together is a vehicle for the calling out of your authenticity so that it may be “coated” as it were, using the vivifying agents of essential oils which provide a very pure and potent medium for intention.

A fresh empty palette, cleared of my own agenda, offering you a space of possibility, is another aim. On a physical level, just to give you a taste of my practice, (so to speak) I have refrained from eating many foods, including garlic and onions for over three decades. Why? Because these foods are as veils that affect my ability to be sensitive in the realms I am called upon to have awareness in this job. Yes, the sense of smell, but connected to this is real feeling, and intuition. This is one of many practices and disciplines considered necessary for my work.

The sum total of this way of life will have an effect upon our session that may be unexpected. I am not here to enhance your ego. We engage in a transaction, a unique relationship and you are given the option to have me check in on your progress with the aims and aspirations you will be infusing into your perfume. I also give you techniques to use with your perfume to help yourself align to your higher aims holistically.

Sometimes I work with people who just want to have a good time and that’s great, I certainly can make a perfume for the mere pleasure of the experience. But far more often than not a person comes into my sphere because they are in need of an adjustment on an energetic level. Perhaps a better alignment to facilitate authenticity over a fictitious identity of name and fame.

At your most authentic your goals are apt to involve your unique place in the world, the service of your individuality. You may wish to establish better conditions that are useful to the greater good – which goes hand in hand with authenticity and universality. This may have an effect of clearing obstacles present in your life of which you are unaware. Any clearance of obstacle and change will involve demolition in order that a new way of being can emerge.

A signature perfume made in place of a commercial, designer, (cattle calling) fragrance is a choice towards individuality, and self-knowledge. Mass appeal is about conditioning the herd instinct under the guise of allure. You may enjoy some of the perfumes out there – I certainly have. But the effect of their subtle atmospherics is not conducive to awakening your authenticity. There is a lot of well targeted marketing behind mall bought fragrances. As carriers of intent, these formulations are infused with the bottom line intentions of cultural conditioning.

During the course of our session you will try on a few different formulations I will produce on the spot from my testers. Something quite wonderful happens when one of them strikes you well. You light up in a particular way. Sometimes there will be a sensation experienced of the mouth wanting to open as if to eat. Each person responds in their own unique way.

At times more than one composition will strike a person and a decision is difficult to make. I have sold multiple creations to people because of this, and each perfume will have its own unique purpose.

This brings to mind a story from many years ago. A young woman was given a gift of a signature perfume for her birthday. When she came in she was dressed in a rather down played masculine manner. Ostensibly she seemed earthy, and unconcerned with being considered attractive. But as she sniffed and felt the two blends she most liked she spoke of her life. She lived with men – brothers, a father, and worked with all men and hence did not put any emphasis on her womanhood. One of the perfumes was obviously more feminine than the other. While the other was more “comfortable” for her, she chose to go with the more feminine fragrance. She was ready to go out of her comfort zone, and felt called to explore the feminine aspect of her being. Months later she returned to renew the blend and was beaming – wearing a dress and looking lovely, she spoke of her adventures of discovery of strength in her newfound womanhood. This is a good example of someone who used perfume with intention, to very good effect.

Once you have decided on your blend(s) you name them. When we are under stress we can perspire and the scent will come wafting out in the perspiration. You can insert a little “reminding factor” by naming the perfume something that will trigger the qualities of authenticity you wish to embody. Depending upon your situation and how you wish to work with your perfume I will offer recommendations to help you produce a personal atmosphere of conscious intention. Sometimes I am asked to produce other perfumes for a client that are more targeted toward aims such as protection and purification, but there are also methods that are very effective involving resins and herbs. There are also a wide range of effective tools not involving aromatics that we can pull from depending upon the need of the moment.

For those I work with in person the perfume will be blended more often than not after the session and not during. I like to devote my full attention to you in the process of arriving at a formulation and offering recommendations for application. Usually I find it better energetically to blend the perfume apart from the session. I let the blend settle for a day or two before presentation. The perfume will continue to undergo subtle changes as it ages and the various components marry. The application of your own chemistry to the container with each application has the most magical effect. This alchemy can be made even more potent with the proper use of your attention and intention. Your perfume becomes a potent atmospheric ally for the continued growth of your authenticity. All in a day's work.

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