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Updated: Oct 31, 2022

“Grace is always present. You imagine it is something somewhere high in the sky, far away, and has to descend. It is really inside you, in your Heart, and the moment you effect subsidence or merger of the mind into its Source, grace rushes forth, sprouting as from a spring within you.”

~ Sri Ramana Maharshi

There is the strong possibility that at our most essential fractal of the whole state, in its fullness developed, we are an entity independent of even consciousness. We are capable of becoming the autonomous endless creators we were intended to be. This possibility stuns me, even in the midst of my trying to work out the problems I face at my day job.

What I will cautiously call “desire” to create is at the heart of the “Creative”, or the Sage, the Supreme Being - the Source. I like the term the Creative at the moment. To be resonant with this we necessarily learn about Love the force and its unconditional nature. This is the stuff with which Creation is made. To be completely resonant would likely render said problems I face at my day job obsolete.

I have long heard the call of the Creative. Circumstances early on rendered the dream too unfriendly to want to hang out in, but extreme experiences taught me something about voyaging and exploring other realms of being. Comfort was never an option. Yet I will note that these adaptable human biological vehicles we puppet around in have the ability to make comfort of discomfort. As a consequence, we collectively believe the reality of the dream over and above the possibility of its awakening.

From one perspective, everything at some level is code. A life changing experience once brought my mind to function at a highly accelerated rate of vibration and the slow cortical based thought activity was replaced by rapidly computing mathematical formulae and amazing geometric form – sacred geometry. The expression of what was being revealed and processed could no longer be found within the confines of words, even poetic ones, nor the montage of body/mind images, and thus the light show took on different forms. The language symbols altered to correspond with the higher function of my mind.

According to some, the original blue print code for the human was tampered with at the level of DNA. Circuitry that was vital for our development as conscious participants in creation was destroyed. The original blueprint presumably was for a highly advanced body/mind/spirit complex, self-governing, and capable of serving the whole from which each is fractionated. The above description of Grace might have been par for the course, that merger of mind with Source, were it not for this tampering which disabled our ability to basically feed soul growth the light it needs. To transubstantiate the food of light we are fed – our daily bread – into soul food.

The collective dream resulting from a disabled circuitry has been further manipulated such that we are rendered quite separate from the Creative which is beyond tampering. These ideas are not of my origin, but coincide with experience, and were presented to me through perfectly timed coincidence in the crossover realm of question and answer that is part of the Soul’s play.

We seek “outside” in the collective dream for what is buried within our own being. The heart is a key place to begin to effect changes to the circuitry of our disabled system.

I will site another experience, one that enlivened my interest in aromatics as healing agents. It involved a great shaman. There was a small group present, and our collective attention was placed upon a woman who had recently acted upon some inferior forces within her. We were asked by the shaman to smell her skin at the wrist. It smelled repulsively of garlic and onions which had not been well digested, there was a putrid quality to the odor. The shaman commenced to guide the woman through a very specific meditation, and it was clear by the feeling in the space that she was successful in following the instructions of focus. After about fifteen minutes of this, when she had obviously reached a new platform, we were asked to smell her wrist again. It smelled of the finest pure Sandalwood one could imagine.

It was explained that the heart, when functioning properly, radiating outward, is capable of burning off the dross from within. The process of doing this, once cleared down to the heartwood – just as in the manufacture of Sandalwood – gives off a beautiful aroma.

The ancient Egyptians used aromatics to access chambers one would traverse in the between lives state. Certain substances were seen to create vibratory resonance which helped facilitate the application of the Hermetic law: “As above so below, as below so above.” There have been systems of correspondence developed in the occult traditions which connect numbers, aromatics, minerals, and energy centers in correspondence. Like will attract like, and given the right conditions of conductivity, one can effect resonance such that change in one sphere can effect change in another. In the above situation with the shaman, his ability to create the appropriate resonant conditions and his tremendous energy were skillfully applied to produce the conditions needed to bring the woman and the rest of us to a higher vibrational platform of experience.

In the Taoist material I have been exposed to there is the idea of undiscriminating virtue as the way to bringing one back in alignment, to living what is called an integral life. Selfless service that is sincere can attract by resonance the kind of help needed to complete one’s circuitry such that one can function at an integral level useful for the benefit of all beings. We need this help to make possible our evolution. We attract it by being completely immersed in sincere work for the benefit of all beings everywhere. And unsurprisingly, this work is unique to every one who has a conscious existence. What we all bear in common is our own uniqueness.

I am not speaking about accumulating objects or positions in the dream. We are well conditioned to thinking that evolution at some level means the attainment of some worldly goal. While a symptom of evolutionary movement may be indicated by an improvement of circumstances, to grasp this improvement with ambition for more will not necessarily do anything for that evolutionary movement. Evolutionary movement is individual, self-initiated, yet intended to help facilitate our work for the whole rather than the personal. As humans in our current state we need the encouragement that comes with evidence of progression. But the development of the Being aspect of the human being equation does not happen in the linearly progressive way our mind is programmed to accept.

The language of the Creative is unique to each individual because the resonance and conductivity we are speaking of here relate to the purest individualized expression of the whole. Common to all is the need to move away from the state of conditioned response and awaken to the unconditional nature of Love the force. The heart is like an electrical circuit that can’t provide the juice we need for our evolution until the polarity of the flow of electrons is corrected by being turned on. Reversing the flow away from the entropy of conditioned life, it is made conducive to true Will. To learn how to open the heart and exercise our true Will is an extraordinary thing. I don’t mean the kind of will that gets you going to the gym regularly with discipline. Nor even the will that has you doing inner exercises. It is a thing apart from this, one that brings us to the potential of our genuine origin.

Intuition is one way we have of aligning and establishing resonance with “the Creative”. Because it can present itself in a language that is not of the conditioned response existence, it can be difficult to discern and apply consciously. Aromatics are among the tools that can help us discern this ally from the din of our conditioned response/desires. Aromatics can help to create conditions – intentional atmospheres - of resonance with higher spaces of intelligence where we might receive transformational radiations. Hence their use in magical and healing traditions throughout the ages.

The therapeutic aspects of essential oils with their chemical constituents are fairly well documented. Work with aromatics and healing has sharpened my interest in the science, but only in order that my intuitive skills may be better informed. The intuitive realm is moment by moment based, and is as such holistic, impartial. As a result of our conditioning we have become future/past oriented, neglecting the truth of our present moment as containing all we need, as being perfect. The intuitive call will often be too hidden from experience, because we are lost in this future/past conditioned response mode. We tend to operate with a forebrain approach that sees problems which have to be solved even when this approach is not the most conducive to resolution.

I have been given many examples of this within my daily life. I have learned to see the possibility of my resistance to the Creative, and this has given me some momentum and skill in releasing this resistance. To illustrate with simplicity, I will note the phenomenon of the lost object.

I am running late for an appointment. There is an object I need – let’s say it is my keys – and I have not placed them in one of the two spots I generally put them in. The panic of lateness according to the conditioned paradigm attacks my bio-chemical system and the predictable loop of sensations and corresponding thoughts – all of which spell out doom and misfortune – take over. The usual habit was to down spiral into an agitated mess of self or other blame.

With grace, (which is always present), a new course was mapped out. I have learned to relax. To keep doing everything necessary to get myself out the door, but to give up looking for the keys. I have trained my mind to entertain the possibility that I will indeed be late, that the Creative Will – which is not separate from my own, is demanding I learn a new nuance of my conditioned and unconditioned life. Invariably as I keep moving, but in a relaxed moment to moment state, my body will go directly to where the lost item, in this case keys, can be found. The state I reach in true surrender enables me to access my intuitive functions, which align me with my integral self. In this state I operate more effectively. I cease resistance and always gain a new impression on how helpful the alignment with the Creative really is. How distant “I” had been from genuine moment being. I marvel yet again over the fact that allowing ourselves to be lived by the Tao makes for a far better quality of existence.

To arrive at even the possibility of this happening required, at least in my case, a lot of shedding of old identity. And this in turn taught me how personas at their desirous cores are created in response to trauma as part of the coping mechanisms made from them. Combine this with the needs created by our aberrant circuitry compounded by the framework of this collective reality, and well, you have Schitt’s Creek. Aromatics can be useful tools to help in the creation of conditions that can help us in the process of moving away from this oppression.

Desire purified down to the closest it can come to the original impulse of the Creative is a thing quite apart from wanting not to get in trouble for being late. In one way the difficulties we have can be viewed as energetic gifts that when opened give us energy which was imprisoned in the falseness of the conditioned life. To stop the mechanical conditioned responses reveals fresh creative energy which can now be applied to the moment such that we reconfigure our functioning. Yes, the keys are found, but more importantly a better functioning neural pathway has been reinforced, one which reveals the benevolence – the Grace – of the Creative.

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