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An Essential Choice

Fundamentally, something we all have in common is individuality. The deepest individuation of our being, our essential self, is the closest to Unity. The essential self is an integral part of the Whole. A society built around this quality of individuation would serve both the integrity of the Whole, and the essential individual as an expression of the Whole. It would be an advanced society, to be sure.

We do not find ourselves yet in such a society. Yet still, I aim to serve the Whole through the realization of this individuation, and the corresponding service to that individuation in others. This service work is realized and expressed in part through the art forms I have had the good fortune to be able to practice.

Coming to the place of essential individuation is a reductive process. It is a natural and simple state, with a potential for growth which serves the Whole. But the false conditions that have been created by a society which has moved away from what is essential have conditioned us into believing ourselves to be other than who we are intrinsically. Our conditioned responses, false societal labels, replete with the desires and aspirations they foster, must be realized in their true light. In this exposure, the veils of the false are dropped, exposing the real.

My own process has informed me on the possibility of supporting this in others. One expression I have developed as a tool for producing supportive subtle conditions is aromatics. More precisely, the creation of intentional atmospheres. The fullest expression of this is made possible when I create a signature perfume or remedy for someone. When I make perfumes or remedies for a broader audience, my aim still is active. I produce remedies and perfumes that carry the intent of alignment towards the essential. To my view and experience, the essential being has full ability to balance and heal any and all conditions of imbalance. Realizing this full ability of course takes dedicated work. Exposing the essential as distinct from the non-essential – requires sacrifice, and help of a special kind.

Intelligent systems aimed at restoring us back to this original state often place emphasis on developing impartiality toward our perceptual experience such as it is with our ordinary, untrained mind. Our brains are capable, as they are, of taking in and processing about 10% of the information that is constantly being given through various means – the senses being the most obvious. Techniques have been developed throughout the ages for bypassing this limitation, and developing the latent faculties within us that are capable of perceiving the real world more directly, without the imposition of the mind’s ordinary boundaries.

We have all heard of those seasoned meditators who have demonstrated record-able states of bliss, or transcended human limitations. One message that seems constant is the presence of an underlying unity of all things. And Love. Not as it is understood – but in its illogical madness, as a force, a creating and binding force. To evolve means embracing this madness that makes worlds.

Given this madness, it may not be too far-fetched to consider the possibility that no matter how bad things look, we are always “returning” as it is said in the Tao te Ching. Faith can more readily breathe here.

Recently I was put to the test, and in my apparent failure, was victorious.

In the midst of navigating through financial difficulties, a long-time client approached me, wanting to duplicate an oil-based perfume for which she was paying premium prices – it was a trendy designer perfume. Though I felt reluctant, I took on the project. The false identity, steeped in the drunken headspace of financial insecurity, (a familiar trap), was well armed for dominance over the quieter voice of Spirit.  

Long ago I was warned that duplication is a fallacy and it is to be avoided. My work is not in ordinary perfumery, I am doing something else altogether, and this “something else” is where I have training. There is knowledge that has been accumulated and put into practice about “perfumery”, but that’s not my true endeavor.

Nevertheless, I used what skill I have to the task at hand. The most prominent note of the designer perfume to my nose smelled obnoxious – and its tenaciousness translated to cloying. It lasted on a cotton pad for days. There was no mystery or nuance about it – it blared proudly in its singular dimensional dominance. While I had just recently purchased a natural based fragrance oil bearing this same note, its strength and tenacity were no match for the aroma chemical of the original. Nonetheless, I created several blends that came close to the smell, but could not duplicate this tenacity and strength. Endeavoring to do so would’ve been impossible without purchasing new aroma chemicals. My client tried the blends I made, and while the proximity to the original was evident, she was not satisfied. She wanted that tenacity and dominance of the original.

Something definitive happened here.I realized that I had fallen out of alignment with the truth of what I have expressed as my intent.

There is a common theme we find in talk of manifestation and law of attraction. It has to do with resonance – we must ourselves produce the resonance wanted – like a tuning fork that stimulates another tuning fork into matching that vibration. This is how reality changes correspondingly. I had, in my insecure and fearful state, fallen into forgetfulness of what I am here to do.

Being who we are intrinsically – we naturally draw to ourselves what is needed for the support, development, and expression of our being. The core vibration of our being is constant.  At this level we bask within the Love without opposite, Love the force. This force provides what is necessary to the constant call of Unity. But we are veiled by our fictitious lives. Thus, the distorted expressions of this core state.

My client is drawn to the world of trendy designer perfume. She also enjoys an interest in things spiritual – women’s retreats, shamanic healers, and the like. Her path is her path. Yet still, somehow, she was as a mirror for my state of being at the time.

I had strayed from my own path when I allowed financial worries to make a decision in an area of my service work. Upon hearing that she was not yet satisfied, a knee-jerk conditioned response of wanting to please her first led me to say, don’t worry, we’ll fix it, and I started researching aroma chemicals that would create the effect wanted. But then wisdom came through as I realized this activity was counter to my intentions. It was a move away from my will to serve a different cause. The money this represented was not worth what I would be losing in the process.

I let her know that I was grateful for the clarity that this had given me. I produce signature perfumes and remedies for people. I am not in the business of creating duplication. I told her I would take some of the payment she had already given me as a very fair consultation fee, and the rest would go towards her next purchase of her signature perfume which she has long used and loves. She was happy with that and expressed her appreciation for my work.

I have since received three unexpected orders that tripled the amount of money I would have received from her. A marvelous lesson. Not about money – but about energy. Applying energy in a way that revealed my truer intent seemed to have opened the way for a greater profit. It is not always this way. There has been a lot of learning in the form of gratitude for the lesson of right action purely. When there is such a clear show of energetic correspondence in the physical, it is satisfying to see this alignment.

I have as an aim a greater outreach of my work. Of course, this requires a greater flow of energy – in the form of money, yes - but also in the access of my own healing abilities. This access requires the gradual sacrifice of the fictitious self of name and social security number. Not that these are eliminated, but rather, the unconscious identification with this aspect of my being must be released. It can be quite daunting to be committed to this process. But the gain is that rather than being at the mercy of this life track, I learn how to use it for my will toward the higher.

One description I’ve heard of the evolutionary process is interesting. Our physical, linear based brains want to think this happens like a classic graph that marks an incline moving steadily upwards. There is what can be thought of as an upward movement. But this movement is done more like waves that dip down and up, while the entire movement of this down/up steadily progresses in an upward climb. One must reach into the depths, the density, and bring that into the heights, integrating the lower and the higher, bringing darkness into light. Integration more than elimination. And this seems right, it aligns with my own experience.

What this translates to is, again, the steady removal of obstructions that impede the exposure of my essential being, so that I may act through this individuation purely. And I’m going to be bold and say in this event just described, there has been a vivifying of this individuation process.

Experience is such a luxury; I am seeing this more and more. I am inspired to savor experience as the opportunity it is. And I love the burgeoning love of the subtle being cultivated. It doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the blatant blare of a loud perfume or a preference for that. Strange how the closer to true individuation I get, the more room there is for all. Live truly, and let live becomes possible.



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