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A Perfume Story That's Essential

Long before I ever even knew what an essential oil is I nevertheless had experience that led me to sense the magic in perfumes and personal atmosphere. Here’s a story about that which I have told before and doubtless will tell again, because it is a good story to have lived.

When I was in my twenties living in New York City in pursuit of art I worked as a waitress at Windows on the World nearly atop Tower 1 of the World Trade Center. Yes, there. Tips and business seemed to have been on a low cycle and one consequence of this, (and the increased cost of living), was that I hadn’t been able to afford my favorite perfume at the time, “Fidji”, by Guy Laroche. I told Hugh, my bus person for the night (and long term hairdresser) that we needed to work those tables well because I had to have my perfume – something he had the intelligence to understand. I felt my magic had been off and with this perfume things would be made right again.

Despite all my intentions, positivism, and our good work, we ended up with possibly the worst night for tips in waitressing history. It upset me plenty, and I mentally shook my fist up at the Creator, because it seemed like a cruel joke, a mockery. As I cleaned out my locker (my uniforms needed laundering desperately) I vowed I would play this trick forward and not tip the night’s cabby the usual 20 percent I gave all service people who did their job. Going down the hundred some floors in the elevator, bags swinging from my shoulders and arms, I strengthened this vow, determined to remain steeped in my angst.

I walked out of the elevator to a dramatically altered world. The night was impossibly beautiful – balmy, warm and delicious. I stepped out the back entrance where there were always cabs waiting, but never before nor since had I seen a spanking new cab with plush off white leather interior, car door held open by a very handsome Middle Eastern man who spoke impeccable English. It took me aback a bit but I barely missed a mental beat, returning to my stewing as I awkwardly brought my laden self to sit in the back of the cab. After closing the door and getting in, the cabby turned, smiled pleasantly, and politely asked if I minded music. Not at all, in fact better, I certainly was in no mood for chatting. The music was a wonderful fusion of jazz with Middle Eastern influences.

I sat back amidst my bags and took in the city lights, as the warm night air came through the partly open window. I had to admit the beauty was compelling – between the sights and sounds it was impossible to maintain the inner atmosphere of spiteful resentment. I relaxed and my awareness shifted such that I felt my presence in a more natural state. In this state my vibration changed and consequently so did my mental activity. A flood of information came through – an epiphany. I realized that it was ridiculous to cause this polite service worker to suffer because of my bad night – the comfort of the ride merited the communication of a good tip. I let go of all my financial concerns and decided to trust that when the time was right, I would get my perfume. Everything was going to work out just fine.

I paid the cabby happily and stepped out of the cab, again, with all my gear. As I stepped out I noted a crisp smallish brown paper bag on the floor of the cab that I was uncertain about, but I figured in that moment it must be mine, so I grabbed it. The cab sped off into the night and I looked inside the brown paper bag. It was a brand new bottle of Fidgi perfume.

I looked up at the sky, this time not shaking my fist, but a little awed and perhaps even just a wee bit frightened over the intimacy of what had just taken place.

From one perspective, a perspective that I’m most interested in as I do my work within the context of Egyptian Grace, this story played out some universal principles quite eloquently. Namely, the principles of polarity, vibration, and periodicity or rhythm.

There is great evidence that the ancient Egyptians, those who were educated in a specific way especially, cultivated atmospheric conditions and technologies of living conducive to applying these immutable laws to their higher benefit. And by higher, I refer to a higher rate of vibration. Essential Oils and perfumes as well as sound, were used to establish resonance with a higher vibrational existence – as in the Hermetic axiom “As Above, So Below, As Below, So Above”.

I was onto something when I felt that my personal magic could be affected by scent way back then. That which is of the essence of a plant or resin is bound to resonate with a higher vibrational tone than the plant matter itself. Because of this, essential oils may be used as tools to help us vibrate at a higher rate of vibration.

The effect of the atmosphere upon me in that cab raised my vibration in such a way as to be able to access thoughts of clarity and overview about my situation. Epiphany was the result. We are multi-dimensional beings, and we have different planes of existence. On one plane of existence I was stuck in the mud of my life, with its financial woes and the density of thought pattern that couldn’t see a possible way of getting my desired object. In a way, with the help of conducive atmosphere, I reached the magical portal state I was wanting my perfume for and the perfume simply had to present itself.

The good news about being stuck in the mud is that there is a polar opposite towards which you can aspire, if you can access the presence of your true Will. In a way, you just have to move the lever to the other side. Of course you need the quality of presence to find that lever and move it. There are tools we can use to polarize ourselves toward the positive. These tools, such as essential oils, can offer a form of intervention to leverage ourselves out of density. They can also help us live in such a way that we establish habits to better enable us to work with the laws that govern our creation rather than being tossed about by them.

Egyptian Grace aims to work with these principles consciously and as such to have an energetic imprint upon the products created that will help you in living your most essential life. The fact that you are reading this blog implies a high likelihood you have had experiences that have exposed the energetic nature of our world. I welcome your insights as I use this forum to hopefully shed light on some higher living technologies that have been brought down to us through the ages.

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